International Journal of Minor Fruits, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

IJMFMAP Vol.5 No1, 2019

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3 Aloe vera –Gift to mankind Debjit Bhowmik Click here Articles
4 Results of the study of grape resources Mirza Musayev Click here Articles
5 Physico-chemical variation in fruits of Pyrus pashia genotypes H. Rymbai, N.A. Deshmukh, H.D. Talang, A.K. Jha Click here Articles
6 Mass Production of Plectranthus zeylanicus- A valuable medicinal and aromatic plant with a future value DLCK Fonseka*, WWUI Wickramaarachchi and CD Situge Click here Articles
7 Exploration and Collection of Genetic Resources of Salparni (Desmodium gangeticum L.) in India Manivel P, R. Nagaraja Reddy, Saravanan Raju, V. Thondaiman and R.S. Ganvit Click here Articles
8 Phenology and reproductive biology of three Sesbania species Sontosh C. Chanda*, Ashaduzzaman Sagar, M. Mozahidul Islam, M. Alamgir Hossain and A.K.M. Golam Sarwar Click here Articles
9 Phyllotaxic diversity as a means of assessing variations in mulberry (Morus spp.) Hare Krishna, Dhurendra Singh, Rama Shanker Singh, Ramkesh Mena and Lokesh Kumar Click here Articles
10 Let’s not Lose the Horror of Midnight Horror Tree Vineeta, Gopal Shukla, Nazir A Pala and Sumit Chakravarty Click here Articles
11 Statement of ownership and other particulars about International Journal of Minor Fruits, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Click here Articles
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