International Journal of Minor Fruits, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

IJMFMAP Vol.8 No2, 2022

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Taxonomic diversity of spice crops available in Bangladesh Agricultural University Botanical Garden and their medicinal properties
M.G.W.K. Weerasinghe and Dahanayake, N.
DOI : 10.53552/ijmfmap.8.2.2022.1-11

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4 Evaluation of the antibacterial activity of essential oils of Rosmarinus officinalis L and Rosmarinus eriocalyx from the region of Sidi Bel Abbes (Algeria)
Zouaouia Chama, Nassima Nawel Benchiha, Amina Benabbou, Khedoudja Kanoun, Imene Derkaoui, Hafssa Arbi and Lynda Klouche-Addou1
DOI : 10.53552/ijmfmap.8.2.2022.12-24
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5 Study on antimicrobial activity of the essential oil of Achillea maritima L collected from Oued Righa beach, the North East of Algeria
Zohra Chekroud, Soumia Nekkab, Lamia bouafia, Nadjet karrout and Noura Sakhraoui
DOI : 10.53552/ijmfmap.8.2.2022.25-35
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6 Phytotherapy of urinary calculi: the mass reduction of calcium oxalate stones in vitro by the aqueous extract of Urtica dioica l.
Ahmed Reda Belmamoun, Abdelkader Ammam, Redouane Chadli, Chafik Mhamdia and Afaf Bakdi
DOI : 10.53552/ijmfmap.8.2.2022.36-42
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7 Bio-chemical study of essential oils of Thymus vulgaris on pathogenic strains responsible for urinary tract infections
Rahmani Soraya, Kanoun Khedoudja, Ali Nahari Abdelkader and Harir Noria
DOI : 10.53552/ijmfmap.8.2.2022.43-53
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8 Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of Cannabis sativa L. leaf ethanol extract in animal model
MacDonald Idu, Odishika S. Otuya, Philip Obarisiagbon and Benjamin O. Gabriel
DOI : 10.53552/ijmfmap.8.2.2022.54-62
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9 Phytochemical screening of Moringa oleifera Lam. and histo-protective evaluation of cadmium chloride toxicity in rats.
Idu MacDonald, Oghama Emmanuel Osaremen, Timothy Odaro and Gabriel Ogunma Benjamin
DOI : 10.53552/ijmfmap.8.2.2022.63-69
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10 Valorization of dry coffee grounds (DCG) and their oily extract: Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora and their mixture
El Kadi Fatima Zohra, Kanoun Khedoudja , Abboura Wafa and Benouis Khadidja
DOI : 10.53552/ijmfmap.8.2.2022.70-79
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11 Assessment of grapevine genetic resources based on physiological data
Mirza Musayev and Taravat Huseynova
DOI : 10.53552/ijmfmap.8.2.2022.80-85
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12 Development of Eco-friendly Smart Bio-food Wrapper using Undersized Heliconia bihai leaves
I.C. Dodampe, L. M. Rifnas, W. G. C. Madushani and S. S. Weerasinghe
DOI : 10.53552/ijmfmap.8.2.2022.86-90
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